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Dear Joe,I am very sad writing this letter to you today. I feel like a part of me and the boys are entwined with you. You have been my saving grace during the toughest period of my life. There has never been a time that I could not talk to you. You always looked out for my sons and I with very special care. I am sure many people cannot say that about their attorneys. I feel that have become more than just an attorney to my family. For than we will be ever grateful. I cannot thank you enough for your time, energy, and patience with this case. Yet you pursued and brought it to fruition and closure. I hope that you continue to do well and prosper in all of you endeavors. Enjoy your beautiful family and take care of yourself.Respectfully,
Laura K.

Dear Joe,
Mere words can not express the gratitude we have towards you. Thank you for taking the time and showing that you care. More importantly, thank you for keeping an eye on Christopher.
All our love,
Patricia & John

Luke and Gary wanted me to extend their thanks to you. You kicked ass. Something like this is an eye-opening experience and really could have had a major impact on Luke’s life. You fearless and sense of fairness made a real difference in his life.
Dion, Gary and Luke G.

You’re the man!
Thank you so much.
– Bennett G.

Thank you for everything, Have a great vacation and a happy and healthy holiday.
Carmine S.

Dear Glen and Joe:
Thank you for the great job you did as our attorneys in the claim against the
City of Geneva. We could not have asked for better representation. You are
two great professionals and fun guys when it comes to socializing.
I am especially grateful for your patience for at times both Robert and I were
a challenge (or you, but you never lost your cool. I am very pleased with the
settlement, and I hope you feel compensated for your efforts.
You are two special men and I wish for both of you a long, prosperous and
happy life. I will miss our contacts for it was always good to chat with you.
From the attached photo, I guess you will agree that I either overdid the
Voodoo or there are just some relationships along life’s pathway that a
camera refuses to record.
Thanks again for a job well done, and please give John White my fond
regards and thank him for his help in our behalf.
Fonnette H.

Joe: Thank you for a job well done and my best to
you and your family
Fonnette H.

Dear Joe,
I just wanted to take the time to thank you for everything you’ve done for me regarding my “speeding” ticket. Don’t worry, I have learned my lesson……
Jackie C.

Dear Joe,
With grateful appreciation, just want to that you so much for what you did for me. I really appreciate it.
Ken C.

Dear Joe,
Hope you know how much you’re appreciated for all that you do. Can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done for me that past 6 months. I don’t know what I would’ve done without you and I will be forever grateful.
Sami Joe,
I hope you had a brilliant family trip to Italy and the new year is off to a great start. It was just our luck that D couldn’t join us for lunch at GCGC. I think often about how well you treated me in 2014, I see golf, warm weather and a budding friendship in our future. Let’s stay in touch and start preparing to dismantle Billy on the course this summer.

Dear Mr. Ferri,
I just wanted to express my gratitude formally. I appreciated all your support and guidance more than you can imagine. Without your knowledge and positive attitude, I don’t think we would have gotten such a great outcome.
Katherine C.

Dear Joe,
I wanted to write to express my deep gratitude for all you have done for Ryan and our family. “Thank you” are two simple words which seem totally inadequate to convey all I feel. Through some of the most difficult and trying times we got to know each other, and I am so grateful that you were not only Ryan’s lawyer but also, at times, his mentor. I am so impressed with how you handled Ryan’s case and that with Ryan doing his part, you were able to achieve the best possible outcome, over and again. It has been quite a journey these last three years, one which you expertly helped us navigate. Thank you for helping to give Ryan a new start to build a happy and productive life.
With Many Thanks,
Elaine DC

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